Dr. Abdul Salam Al Madani

Executive Chairman
Healthcare Future Summit

Once again it gives me immense pleasure to welcome you to the second edition of the Healthcare Future Summit – the summit that will educate and enrich the knowledge and expertise of the public and all parts of the healthcare communities.
Held under the theme “Bringing Healthcare Communities Together”, the summit aims to develop high impact, sustainable healthcare leadership in the region through discussions and education while fostering collaborations and inspiring investments in the healthcare field. This international futuristic summit will educate all members of the healthcare fraternity in order to develop a sustainable health-system that can better serve the community.

The summit will be rich with a well-versed program divided into pillars discussing, patient safety, pharma & leadership in healthcare, point of care, travel safety, aerospace medicine, maritime healthcare, occupational health and innovation & technology based on the evolving needs of our communities, where each pillar will tackle a number of topics addressed to not only the public, but also regulators, operators, insurers, academia, influencers, investors and stakeholders.

We are committed to making the Healthcare Future Summit a memorable event through more interactions and academics of an international scale and the support of well-renowned medical and healthcare associations, regulatory organizations, and research institutes.

I look forward to welcoming you all to share the common goal of advancing and developing the healthcare system.

Wishing you a fruitful and knowledge-full summit.


Dr. Ramadan Alblooshi

Head of the Scientific Committee
Healthcare Future Summit

The patient is the heart of our service. Their safety is the core of what we do. We are bringing healthcare communities together to deliver the best care closer to you.

The increasing demand and the swelling social expectations in healthcare delivery brought about by the global pandemic is present in every corner of the world today.

We aim to position healthcare at the lead of the global industry by introducing innovative regulations, provide the platform to share best practices and address the demands.

Being one of the healthcare regulators in the region, we have a deep sense of responsibility to serve the people and look into the future by elevating the healthcare standards.

In line with future plan, we share a unifying voice and continue to work closely with various authorities to support and execute a strong regulatory framework which will build a more reliable healthcare industry, safeguarding the citizens, residents and visitors in the country. The strong infrastructure and the overwhelming government support make the UAE more equipped to compete with international standards and achieve high satisfaction in care delivery.

In this forum, we have gathered well-respected and renowned leaders in healthcare, world experts, and uncompromising economic specialists to share their best practices, insights, innovations, and advanced technologies. The event will highlight different tracks which includes the Occupational Health,  Travel Safety  & Aerospace Medicine, Leadership in Healthcare, Patient Safety, Medical Tourism, Start-ups and Healthcare Disruptions, Pharma in Healthcare, Maritime Healthcare, Healthcare Innovation & Technology.

I am excited to welcome you all at the forum.

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