about Healthcare Future Summit

At Healthcare Future Summit; we will explore the success, challenges and opportunities of vaccines in controlling disease, many of which are now under control, others that have been eliminated in parts of the world and some that have not yet been targeted. Despite the global efforts, many infectious diseases continue to affect our communities, particularly in developing nations where vaccines are unavailable, unaffordable or require improved formulations that offer better effectiveness, longer protection, or lower production costs. Even when a licensed vaccine is available for a given disease, numerous barriers can block its use, including technical, economic, cultural, political and legal obstacles.


  • Counter Vaccine Misinformation and Increase Provider Capacity and Public Support for the Individual and Societal Benefits of Vaccination
  • Raise Awareness on the Importance of Vaccines and How It Reduces Pressure on the Healthcare System
  • Support Vaccine Research and Development to Address Vaccine Preventable Diseases of Global Public Health Importance
  • Encourage the Development and Uptake of Artificial Intelligence and Technology to Improve Vaccine Manufacturing, Storage, Distribution, and Delivery Mechanisms
  • Reduce Barriers for Healthcare Providers and the Public to Facilitate Access to Routinely Recommended Vaccines
  • Promote Public-private Partnerships to Increase Market Access, Global Immunization Efforts and the Capacity of the Health System to Deliver Vaccines for Routine Use During Outbreaks
  • Ensure Key Decision and Policymakers Receive Accurate and Timely Information on Vaccines and Strategies to Promote Vaccine Uptake
  • Support the Development of Innovative, Safe, and Effective Vaccines to Prevent Infectious Diseases of Public Health Significance