Day 2

07 December 2020



The UAE pharmaceutical sector is expanding rapidly to meet the evolving needs of a growing population which is expected to reach almost 11.1 million by 2030 according to the world bank projections. This high population growth in addition to increased life expectancy and the prevalence of lifestyle diseases such as diabetes, as well as high aspirations for world-class healthcare services have a direct influence on the growth of the Pharma sector in the UAE and the region.

To achieve sustainable growth for this industry the U.A.E. government entities have adopted a series of long-term plans. The Dubai Industrial Strategy 2030 and the Abu Dhabi vision 2030, for instance, consider the pharmaceutical industry as one of the main priority sub sectors to develop due to its future growth prospects, export potential and mid-term to long-term economic impact.

The UAE government is also focused on minimizing reliance on imported pharmaceuticals. According to data from the UAE Federal Customs Authority, the country is estimated to have imported around 14.9 billion of pharmaceutical products from the world market in 2018. Therefore, developing the local manufacture of pharmaceutical products is becoming one of the main goals of the government, the ministry of health, and legislating authorities. This will also lead to the timely and safe delivery of medical supplies and pharmaceuticals vital for the UAE health sector. These efforts include but are not limited to the Dubai Silk Road Strategy, building an excellent logistics infrastructure, accelerated drug registration systems, in addition to investments in research and development, innovation, and technological advancement.



12:15 – 12:30

COVID-19: Lessons Learned in the Pharma Industry and a Path Forward

12:30 – 12:45

How digital transformation helps to shorten packaging turnaround time

12:45 – 13:00

Drone-delivered medical supplies

13:00 – 13:15

From Formulation to Patient: Preventing Barriers in the Clinical Supply Chain

13:15 – 13:25

Challenge the Experts

13:25 – 13:40

Just in Time Manufacturing: Practical Application in Clinical Trial Supply

13:40 – 13:55

Applying AI and Cloud Technologies for Controlled Medicines

13:55 – 14:10

Innovations in Clinical Trial Supplies that Mitigate Risks, Save time, and Control Costs

14:10 – 14:30

Challenge the Experts